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Home Theater Installation

Do you want a real theater experience in your home? At 360 MKT Pro - Smart Home Solutions, we have perfected the home theater installation process so that the environment is precisely designed and engineered to provide maximum movie and music enjoyment in your home or office in the greater Springfield, VA area.


We’ll create an audiovisual experience catered to your style, complete with surround sound, a TV or projector, and professional-grade furniture. Also, we can ensure that your room is isolated from outside noise with special acoustic treatments and that your home audio is optimized with measured speaker placement. We have great suggestions to equip your space with theater seating positioned precisely for the ultimate viewing experience of your big screen. We also provide lighting services that give you complete control of your theater’s lighting. When the press of a single button, the lights dim, and the show begins. Press pause, and the lights dim up so you can get more popcorn and soda.


We can also install outdoor home theater systems for viewings in your backyard on gorgeous nights. With your own personalized theater, you can bring the cinema right to your own home. Get a free in-person estimate by contacting us today.

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